Hey guys! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been around, but I am here to announce my return! Now, I am announcing this a bit early, as I am very busy with the new school year for myself right now, but I am making my return in October, where I will have a substantial less amount of extra-curricular activities! Don’t worry, though, if you want to keep up-to-date with what’s going on with my stuff, I always try to give updates at the beginning of my spelunky dailies on my youtube channel! But for now, let me tell you real quick what you should be expect to begin in October!

Now you all know my plans were to work on Living Darkness, right? Well, after a long time of heavy debate, I have decided to drop the map altogether. The more and more I came to planning it, I felt like the ideas I was coming up with were so unoriginal, and even straight up overused everywhere. Just the idea for a zombie apocalypse map is overdone. And if you know me, I try to bring as original of an experience as I can to the mapmaking community.

So, since Living Darkness is being dropped, you may wonder what I will go to next? Well, I plan to reboot my project, Claustrophobia! There are going to be a lot of concepts taken from the older model, but with all the new possibilities there are in these newer updates, I am going to make it bigger and better than before! And even before October, I am going to be vividly working on writing out a storyline and ideas for what can be done within the map! Once October rolls around, I plan on bringing small sneak peeks of some things on my youtube channel!

I am feeling very confident with where my mapmaking is going, and I hope that I can bring an even greater experience with Claustrophobia compared to 8-bit Adventure! Now before I go any further, I believe I need to stop. I shouldn’t get to far ahead of myself (as I’m pretty sure I’ve already crossed that line), so I am going to  hold back further info until future dates! See you guys around, and thanks for reading this!



Today was a good day for 8-bit Adventure! I had been working on the bug fix and actually released it today. During this process of preparing, I found out that I had gotten past the 1,000 download mark! Now that isn’t very impressive for the standard expectations of today’s community, but hitting that milestone proved that me, a lone mapmaker, can get somewhere with hard work! Admittedly, I haven’t been the best at keeping the map the best functional, but so far it seems the people who have played it have been able to tolerate it for the most part (though that might not always be a good thing depending on if I’m looking for feedback or not).

Anyways, you guys didn’t read this to hear me talk about my opinions on 1,000 downloads, but to see some details on the release of a new update! I have fixed the bugs I had found from watching Tiger1286’s LP of the map and some I had found while giving the map a quick test! I have also made it a lot less boring by adding the option to replay the first 5 levels of the game without having to reload the map! This will make it a lot easier for more people to reach the bonus ending, which is my goal to do (since I include so much cool stuff in them!)! Speaking of the bonus levels, remember the iron golem in the bonus level 2 that was a wimp of a boss? Well that is no more, as we have a new boss to take its place to make it at least a considerable battle. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this update (I am hoping that I will no longer need to update it, but I may still have to) and I will inform you guys when development of Living Darkness returns to order! Please make sure to leave your feedback on the forum page for the map! It will have much greater an impact than you think it will, and will help me grow towards more success in the future!

Replayable levels!

Finding many bugs in 8-bit Adventure, I have begun to fix them. Though during this process, I began to look back at previous LPs to make sure I haven’t missed adding anything. Then and there, I realized that I have been missing one element that makes the map insanely tedious to finish. Having to start the map from scratch to find the items for the bonus levels. No more shall this become a problem, as I am adding level replayability to the map so you guys can get all the items without having to play from scratch! How this will be executed, though, will take out the story, and also will keep you from finding other endings. I had to do this, because without making this update take a long time, I have no way to have the items in chests replaced (unless I were to use very complicated summon commands for each and every single item). Once I finish finding all the bugs via Tiger1286 and WiseCracker’s LP I should be able to release this patch in a few days (with another test or two to confirm)!

8-bit Adventure Released!

It has come to that moment where I finally release 8-bit Adventure! I honestly don’t have too much to say, as I have spent the last few hours putting everything I need to say on the forum thread! I guess I can mention that new changes include more story, additional gameplay, 2 new endings, 2 difficulties within one save, etc. I really hope you guys enjoy this final update (I plan that anything else after this will be bug fixes) and I hope you guys stick around for the next map I release! I’m not going to drone on much longer, to save your eyes from too much reading, and I’ll put the map thread right here:

I also will add the trailer to the 8-bit Adventure blog page soon, so keep an eye out for that!

Almost Out!

It is nearly time, everyone! 8-bit Adventure has been finished! I cannot release it quite yet, but if you guys can wait a few more days (up to a week maximum as of this post) then I can get the remainder of my testers to play the map for bugs! Since it had went through a testing phase before this point of development, there shoudn’t be too many more bugs to squish. That being said, I cannot wait for you guys to see all of the new things put into the map! To hold you guys off a bit longer, I’m going to go out on a limb and show you guys the new banner for 8-bit Adventure with this post! Enjoy, and be sure to check back in the coming days for more updates!8-bit adventure banner

Where’s 8-bit Adventure?

It’s been nearly 5 months since the announcement of this update. Yes, that’s a snail’s pace for a mapmaker, but as long as I can finish this map with as good of quality I can, I have no regret about waiting this long. Now you guys didn’t read this blog post to listen to me drone on; you came to find out where 8-bit adventure is at right now. So a week or two ago, I had finished testing the map. While I had been waiting for test results, I made a trailer for the map. Rewatching that trailer made me realize something in it was not in the map. This being said, I decided to add one last thing to the map to really pack in some closure. After building most of what I needed, the redstone has begun to get more difficult. I needed to get some help for it. That’s why the map hasn’t come out yet, since the person helping me has not been available. Now you may be wondering how to get this extra stuff in the map. Well, stay tuned for my Youtube special on 8-bit adventure! Something may show up as a hint for you all! Until then, see you guys with the next blog update!

So close!

Hello, everyone , i have been noticing a slight increase in views on the blog lately, and feeling that it is aimed toward the audience waiting for the new update of 8-bit adventure, I thought it would be good to give some updates. So currently, I have finished the map and am in the testing phase of the map. I should be done with testing for bugs soon, but it seems that with the latest snapshot, minecart mechanics have changed. This is slowing me down a few days (since there are SO many rails) since I need to replace them to keep the speed of what they used to be. Sadly, the new mechanics are very broken at this time, so I may need to wait a few snapshots to get proper testing done. I am planning on releasing a teaser for the map, though, once I get the chance, so be ready for that!

Special Ending?

Ok, so you know how I had said there would be a boss battle at the end of hard mode for the special ending? After some time of contemplation, I have decided to make this ending accessible from both modes. Though hard mode allows it from simply beating the normal ending, you are actually allowed to access this special ending in normal mode by finding two hidden and very difficult to find secrets allowing you into this battle. For the time being, I am going to keep these secrets from the public, but in time I may reveal these to the public (in a very secretive form). Make sure to keep tuned, as I am nearing completion of this at a rapid pace!

8-bit Adventure update back on schedule!

That’s right, I’m finally finishing what I dropped! Though it is going to be slightly different than what is has been said to be in previous posts, I assure you it is still going to have fixes in story, new trials in levels, and more closure for each ending! I am close to finished in development and am soon to be getting tests done, so expect it soon! Wondering when it will release? Check this blog and my youtube channel! I will have a video up announcing the update soon!

Secret Project!

Ok, as I have been saying a lot (at least on twitter), I have not been working very much on my maps lately. But that is going to change today! I am now making a mini map that should hopefully boost me back into the spirit of map making (so far, it’s been working out). When this map releases, I will be doing some research from my map audiences to see if they want me to expand upon this map or to work on Living Darkness. At this point in development, it’s hard to tell when I will finish with this, but since it is a mini map, I don’t see it coming out any later than late March (not that I’m saying it will take that long). Stay tuned to here and twitter, as i will be giving little updates and screenshots here and there. (As I said, if I get 30 subs on youtube I might also show some sneak peeks there, too)