Happy Easter

Hello all, I am back to say happy Easter! Looking for some Easter eggs? If that’s the case, you’ll find many retro Easter eggs in my 8-bit map that will indulge you into some memories of the old days. I’m sure it’ll be a while, but when I release my next update there will be some belated Easter eggs to find, so stay tuned and enjoy the experience!


Version 3 is out!

Hello all! I am back with the new update for my 8-bit map. Since my progress was slowed, I didn’t get to include as many things in the update as I had hoped. I have an un-completed bonus level and have not added the harder mode yet, but have overall made a good update. Make sure to check it out for the all new hidden wither boss and bonus level. The link for it is over on the map’s page of the blog.

I lied

Sorry to tell you all, but when I said I would be getting back to work, I had said that after I used my computer, but not played minecraft. I can totally tell that if I want to go any farther, then I cannot last with my broken laptop that gives me only 4 fps with minimal settings. I am contemplating if I should wait until summer to get the new laptop I was promised or get the hard drive replaced now. I still have that second computer to use, so I’ll try my best to get these new updates out. Thank you, the supporter, for understanding.

Back to Work

So today I got my laptop back, nothing changed but the fan cleaned. Apparently, it still works fine without replacing the hard drive, so I need to catch back up to my planned deadlines for map releases. Remember, once I reach a certain number of downloads, I will announce my new map, so spread the word!

Even worse news

Well it seems I am in some deep trouble. My laptop has a failed hard drive which will cost a lot for me to replace. The worst part is that i have the saves for 8-bit and my other maps still on there and I would have to spend even more to take them off. I’m afraid the dates are to be postponed for the releases of my maps. Luckily, I do have another computer I can use for this if I can get my saves backed up onto my flash drive, but I won’t have as much time to work on progress. I hope everyone understands, but money doesn’t simply grow on trees for me. I’m not sure how long the dates will be postponed, but I hope it isn’t by too long.

Bad News

A little problem has struck, and my laptop is overheating every few minutes. I have sent it in for repair, but that means my progress has been stemmed by a day or two. You have not to fear, though, since i am getting it fixed somewhere local, and it should be done in no longer thatn a week. I promise you all this problem will not tamper with the announced releases for the maps, so you won’t have to worry about that part.

Wooden Fortress Coming Soon!

You all know I have had it planned, and now it is almost here. The second level of Living Darkness, the wooden fortress, is still in progress. My friend and I are now on the works of it and will have it released to the public either in late March to mid April. Remember to leave your feedback for a better experience!

Planned update! (a major one at that)

With the release of 1.5, I am now on the ropes of unveiling my new update for the map, 8-bit. This is the biggest update I’m going to apply to my map since its release. It will have a hidden wither boss, a bonus level, getting rid of those stairs in the first level that ruins the appearance of the level, and an extra mode that takes away checkpoints and gives less supplies for the ender dragon and wither. I don’t have a set date, as the bonus level is going to be very big, but it should hopefully be out within the end of the month or early April. Since I am being tested in school, my progress is being slowed, but only a little, so I will be keeping steady progress throughout the weeks.

First Things First

Hey guys. As you probably know, this is the main page of this blog that will have updates and plans of what’s going on in my production of maps. An fyi is that I will mainly be using this blog for my minecraft custom maps. So if you don’t play minecraft or am not interested in my custom maps, this probably isn’t going to be your favorite blog. Make sure to check out each page for more depth on each  of my maps.