New screenshots to preview!

Hello viewers! I have just finished releasing the screenshots for what the new update for the 8-bit adventure will look like versus the old! Make sure to check out the new screenshots and leave your opinion (either on here or the minecraft forums).


BIG update for 8-bit adventure!

Hello everyone. I’m back to tell you my plans for the new update for 8-bit adventure. This is literally a HUGE update! I am changing the entire appearance of the map that will come with a new texture pack as well as adding the harder mode and another part of the bonus level. I also decided to throw in a story to make the map add a little more interesting. I feel stupid because as of now I finally came to realize I left some mistakes behind with the map that I thought I had fixed. I am going to get rid of the sign that says you may take two signaling to the stone swords that were replaced with the fire flower. I also am stopping mobs from spawning on the map that are unwanted. I am also throwing in command blocks that will enable the player to change difficulties at the press of a button to either easy, normal, or hard mode at the sections they are required/optional. I do not know when I will add the update, but depending on how much more bonus level I’ll add and how much time it will take to finish landscaping this could take until mid May. Please stay tuned, as this is my main priority over Claustrophobia now. I truthfully have to say I will not be continuing on Living Darkness until June/July, since I have a lot to balance out with my two maps right now. Thank you all for reading this and I hope you will still show your full support to help me help you.

I have made up my mind

Corresponding with the title, I have made up my mind to how I am going to release Claustrophobia. I plan on trying to release the full version at one time. Of course I probably will still have updates for it when I release the full thing to fix minor things and to make appearances better. Since I am releasing the full thing at one time, I am going to take a long time to work on the project. That being said, I plan to work on 8-bit adventure and living darkness during this time as well, since I don’t want to leave these projects in the dust. I think I will begin to have a daily plan to which map I work on each day, so I balance out the work on each. If you think I still should release Claustrophobia in updates, the poll is still open on the mc forums, so I still will take votes into consideration. Thanks for reading this post and I will post an update on the work for 8-bit adventure in a few day’s time.

I’m back!

You probably are confused by the title, but I don’t mean I haven’t been working on this for a while or anything. It is that I have been silent for a while and thought I should give an update. I am basically updating saying that I have been working hard on Claustrophobia and am thinking of releasing the first version. The only thing that makes me consider not doing so is the poll I have up on the mc forums asking if I should release the full version at once or not. Please help me out by answering the poll of Claustrophobia’s thread that can be conveniently found in it’s page on the blog. I hope you guys can help out by answering the poll as well as giving your feedback on my idea.

Page is up

Hello I’m back just to say that I have put up Claustrophobia’s page including screenshots (no links yet, though). Make sure to check it out and let me know what you think.

Announcing the New Map!

Hey I’m back again to finally announce my new map, Claustrophobia: a gut-wrenching spelunker! This map begins with you waking up in a room with no recollection of why you’re there. You find that you are a test subject that was chosen for a program of some sort, but your only thought is to escape. The only downside to this is that you start at bedrock in a tunneler’s dream superflat map. The storyline is planned to be very deep. I honestly have to say this is probably the hardest map I’ve made so far. I’m sure you all want to see some screenshots and try the map for yourself, but I am still hard at work, and a release seems a bit distant. I think if I can squeeze enough time in I can release it late April, but I’m not completely sure that will happen. I will also make a page for it in the near future, so be ready for that. I also have the good news that I have found a setting that was changed so my laptop would give low performance, so now that it is changed, I have less lag to deal with. I also think I am going to go in a rotation for releasing updates for my maps, so expect the new update for my 8-bit custom map after the first release of this map. So on that ending note, I must eagerly get back to work on this new map!

Wooden Fortress Released!

If you read the title, you can now see that the Wooden Fortress level of Living Darkness is now released! This fortress is floating over the abyss and is crawling with an innumerable amount of monsters. Be ready for some CoD nostalgia once you enter as well. Make sure to leave some feedback and all of that jazz on the forums page, conveniently linked from the living darkness page of this blog. As you know, I will plan on announcing a new map I think will be the best of my capabilities yet. I won’t spoil anything yet, but I think it will be a very creative and original idea.

New map!

Hello all! Seeing I have over 100 downloads for each of my maps (which is a good amount considering I’m still fairly new at this) and over 100 views on the blog, I plan on announcing the new custom map I am making. Though I’m not even close to a planned release, and the fact my computer is still in all-out lag mode, I will plan on announcing the new map once I release the update for living darkness (which will be around two or three more days before it is released). I’m sorry for those who thought by the name of the post I actually had it up, but a page for it will be up and all of that within the next few days. Hope you all are looking forward to both the new update for living darkness and the new map (heads up, it’s another adventure map.) as well as enjoying the new update for the 8-bit adventure map. Check back in a few day’s time for the two new posts on the home page.