New map!

Hello all! Seeing I have over 100 downloads for each of my maps (which is a good amount considering I’m still fairly new at this) and over 100 views on the blog, I plan on announcing the new custom map I am making. Though I’m not even close to a planned release, and the fact my computer is still in all-out lag mode, I will plan on announcing the new map once I release the update for living darkness (which will be around two or three more days before it is released). I’m sorry for those who thought by the name of the post I actually had it up, but a page for it will be up and all of that within the next few days. Hope you all are looking forward to both the new update for living darkness and the new map (heads up, it’s another adventure map.) as well as enjoying the new update for the 8-bit adventure map. Check back in a few day’s time for the two new posts on the home page.


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