Announcing the New Map!

Hey I’m back again to finally announce my new map, Claustrophobia: a gut-wrenching spelunker! This map begins with you waking up in a room with no recollection of why you’re there. You find that you are a test subject that was chosen for a program of some sort, but your only thought is to escape. The only downside to this is that you start at bedrock in a tunneler’s dream superflat map. The storyline is planned to be very deep. I honestly have to say this is probably the hardest map I’ve made so far. I’m sure you all want to see some screenshots and try the map for yourself, but I am still hard at work, and a release seems a bit distant. I think if I can squeeze enough time in I can release it late April, but I’m not completely sure that will happen. I will also make a page for it in the near future, so be ready for that. I also have the good news that I have found a setting that was changed so my laptop would give low performance, so now that it is changed, I have less lag to deal with. I also think I am going to go in a rotation for releasing updates for my maps, so expect the new update for my 8-bit custom map after the first release of this map. So on that ending note, I must eagerly get back to work on this new map!


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