BIG update for 8-bit adventure!

Hello everyone. I’m back to tell you my plans for the new update for 8-bit adventure. This is literally a HUGE update! I am changing the entire appearance of the map that will come with a new texture pack as well as adding the harder mode and another part of the bonus level. I also decided to throw in a story to make the map add a little more interesting. I feel stupid because as of now I finally came to realize I left some mistakes behind with the map that I thought I had fixed. I am going to get rid of the sign that says you may take two signaling to the stone swords that were replaced with the fire flower. I also am stopping mobs from spawning on the map that are unwanted. I am also throwing in command blocks that will enable the player to change difficulties at the press of a button to either easy, normal, or hard mode at the sections they are required/optional. I do not know when I will add the update, but depending on how much more bonus level I’ll add and how much time it will take to finish landscaping this could take until mid May. Please stay tuned, as this is my main priority over Claustrophobia now. I truthfully have to say I will not be continuing on Living Darkness until June/July, since I have a lot to balance out with my two maps right now. Thank you all for reading this and I hope you will still show your full support to help me help you.


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