Update on the update

Ok so as those of you who have heard this already, I am planning a new update for the 8-bit adventure. A while back I said I would release it by mid-May. Well I am currently working on level 5 right now and depending on how long I take to finish level 5, making a new ending area, and finishing the bonus level, I may finish later than planned. Do not lose patience, as I say if you compare this update to the original, I would say its a whole new map. I hope while you all are waiting you can show your support by leaving feedback on the mc forums and be aware that I have pressed a lot of work into this. If you play the map, though, you can tell it is nowhere near as impressive as maps such as hypixel’s work, but I can at least say I am still proud of the work I have done. Check back soon for more news on the map!


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