For the Completionist!

Hello again! I, Linkruler, have returned to give another update on what’s going on in this 8-bit adventure update! I now am adding a gallery that is accessed after completing the first half of the map. The gallery has 15 entries of items that you need to fill in (so basically, I’m adding in a CTM part of the map). I have made it so that for most people, you will have to play the map more than once to be able to complete the map. If you didn’t know, I try to make it so that my maps will share a little bit of everything to be able to interest every type of minecraft player. This gallery brings in another element to bring more interest to people who play CTM maps. An update on my progress is that I am still slowly working on the bonus level (I have been working on adding more textures and perfecting all touches to previous areas before I continue) and need to make four more levels. I am sure that I can be able to finish the update soon, but I have had a  lot of other things to get done in my personal life and have not been able to deeply get hard at work. I hope I can release it by the end of the month, but I still am not sure. Make sure to check back for more updates on progress and new content of the map soon!


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