Almost there!

Hello viewers! Today, I am posting this for a number of reasons. My first reason is that I have not posted in about a month, so I wanted to let you all know I haven’t given up working on my custom maps. My second reason is to notify you all I am close to releasing the new update for 8-bit adventure. I have just finished constructing the fifth level of the bonus half of the map, so I only have a little bit more to create before I release the map. I also still have to use some mcedit magic to add in some special enemies and mob drops. I can easily say that as of within a week of this post, the long awaited update of 8-bit adventure will be viral for everyone to try out. I really hope everyone will enjoy this because I have been at three long months of work on this single update. I have had some hard and fun times building this map, but as of this post, my computer is about to give up on me. I ask that those of you brave enough to step up will and try to help get the word out so I can be able to get my computer fixed up or replaced. I have a couple more ideas for custom maps, and I’m sure they’ll keep coming, so if I can get help from the audience out there that enjoy my current maps, you’ll be able to see more of my work. I’m sure I’ve blabbed long enough, so until my next post informing you on the release of the map, this is linkruler, signing off.

P.S. When the map releases, make sure to check out the pawn shop to be able to find a special room.


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