My plans

Ok, so it has been a while since I’ve posted anything, so I’ve decided I would tell you all what my plans are for my mapmaking career. So first off, about the maps. 8-bit adventure’s biggest update has been out for a while now. For those who aren’t interested in playing the map until they see a video of an LP, good news. Talking with the youtuber, CthulhuToo, he said he plans on putting up his first part of a LP to youtube, so I plan to put it on the forums for your viewing pleasure (make sure to check out his channel and possibly subscribe if you find it in your best interest.) around tomorrow/tuesday. Next, I will talk about Living Darkness. So currently, I have been taking a break with mapmaking, since I worked hard on 8-bit adventure for a couple months. I do not plan on working on Living Darkness yet, but I will get to why soon. So for the map, I plan to give it a remodel and use the best of my skills I have learned while making 8-bit adventure. I will also finish making the last three levels. For those waiting for Claustrophobia, I have some bad news. Currently, I am postponing its production further until I completely finish making Living Darkness. Also, I may make a sequel to 8-bit Adventure, but I do not plan to until I get enough votes on the poll for 8-bit Adventure to make it (also considering I will be very busy with the other two maps for a bit…)

Now I’m sure you’re wondering why I have not started working on Living Darkness yet. I have a very good reason that could mean some good news. Currently, I am saving up for a new computer. I found a good one that will help me run minecraft smoother, and am only a $100 or 2 away from buying it. I currently am trying hard to get it, and if you would like to help, try to help me get more downloads on 8-bit Adventure. I would especially appreciate it if you could start replying to its thread to help push it up in the maps section of the forum so newer people can find it easier.

So that was quite a mouthful, but you all are now updated on what is going on in the works of linkruler. One last thing is to let you all know I might start up a youtube channel once I get the new computer, so stay tuned for more information. And with that, until next time!