More info on Living Darkness

Ok! Killerpenguin and I have really gotten into working on Living Darkness. We have been talking, and we have formed some ideas for the map. For one, we are keeping the progression the same as a pre-level and a stronghold, but instead of going from one level to another, you can free-roam around the city to choose what level you do first, as such a game like mega-man. You have to start off with the first half of the level one pre-level, but after that, you can plan what you’re going to do inside your safe house. The only level you cannot go to from the beginning is the temple, which is the final stage. Making this change, you will find yourself exploring every nook and cranny for extra gear to fight the zombies easier. There will even be hidden journal entries from various people that will set the mood even deeper. Stay tuned for more soon!



Well, as you know, my computer has been having problems. Also added in, I am very busy with educational classes as well as extra-curricular things. I find myself to not work on Living Darkness as much. I know it makes things sound grim, but once I get some help in and can free up some more time, my production of Living Darkness will be in full swing. Stay tuned.