Extra weapon stats

Ok, so in living darkness, i have been working with items in NBT edit so i can make very special weapons that will give certain status effects (including max health gain, speed, and knockback resistance). These may prove very useful and will give a hint of strategy to the game so you can choose how you play. You can choose to be really defensive, really offensive, or very dodgy. To start, I will give three classes that will give you either of those.


Putting the darkness in living darkness

So I have decided to inform you all on how living darkness is to stay dark. Since it is not being encased in bedrock anymore, I have decided time will be frozen at midnight. Now I’m not sure about this, but I may input some sort of alpha version or something for those who want to play this on halloween. Stay tuned to find out my decision.

Dangerous mobs!

Doing some experimenting with the /summon command, I have been thinking of adding special mobs into Living Darkness. I don’t want to spoil what kinds of mobs, but maybe you might be seeing some giants riding on ghasts… Just sayin’

A couple updates

Ok, so in this update, I have two things to share. First off, I have now made a twitter. If you want an easier way to get these blog updates, make sure to go and follow me (@linkruler). Secondly, I have been thinking, and I am making the zombie mines even bigger. You first go and explore a laboratory, then you go into the ore refinery. That’s all for this update. Stay tuned.

New feature announced!

Ok so this is about the wooden fortress in Living Darkness. Do you remember the room that required rotten flesh to proceed? Well, I have decided to implement that type of style to proceed to various rooms to access them. Instead of one room to the next, you will get multiple choices, like a CoD zombies map. To make it into special rooms with extra gear and mystery boxes, you will need to find rooms with special mobs that are stronger and give you a different drop to proceed.