Ok, so as the title implies, I wanted to confirm that I basically am taking a break right now. I have been finding it much easier to just pick up my headset and record instead of working on my maps. At this point, i’m not even sure when i will pick back up, but for the time being why not support my channel while I wait? I plan to start releasing some indev map sneak peeks soon when i reach 30 subs, so make sure to check out my channel for those! Also, i am starting to play some minecraft custom maps with my friend, because I think maybe playing other’s maps will influence me to add some things into mine.


Now on youtube!

Hello viewers! Today (or yesterday, perhaps) I just released my first youtube video to the channel! Now that I have gotten a computer upgrade, I wanted to try and record some minecraft and other things such as indie games on my channel! Since this is the case, I wanted to add a link to my youtube onto the blog for easy reference. I might even post some sneak peeks of development of my maps! So make sure to check out the youtube page on this blog and check out my first video!