8-bit Adventure update back on schedule!

That’s right, I’m finally finishing what I dropped! Though it is going to be slightly different than what is has been said to be in previous posts, I assure you it is still going to have fixes in story, new trials in levels, and more closure for each ending! I am close to finished in development and am soon to be getting tests done, so expect it soon! Wondering when it will release? Check this blog and my youtube channel! I will have a video up announcing the update soon!


Secret Project!

Ok, as I have been saying a lot (at least on twitter), I have not been working very much on my maps lately. But that is going to change today! I am now making a mini map that should hopefully boost me back into the spirit of map making (so far, it’s been working out). When this map releases, I will be doing some research from my map audiences to see if they want me to expand upon this map or to work on Living Darkness. At this point in development, it’s hard to tell when I will finish with this, but since it is a mini map, I don’t see it coming out any later than late March (not that I’m saying it will take that long). Stay tuned to here and twitter, as i will be giving little updates and screenshots here and there. (As I said, if I get 30 subs on youtube I might also show some sneak peeks there, too)