So close!

Hello, everyone , i have been noticing a slight increase in views on the blog lately, and feeling that it is aimed toward the audience waiting for the new update of 8-bit adventure, I thought it would be good to give some updates. So currently, I have finished the map and am in the testing phase of the map. I should be done with testing for bugs soon, but it seems that with the latest snapshot, minecart mechanics have changed. This is slowing me down a few days (since there are SO many rails) since I need to replace them to keep the speed of what they used to be. Sadly, the new mechanics are very broken at this time, so I may need to wait a few snapshots to get proper testing done. I am planning on releasing a teaser for the map, though, once I get the chance, so be ready for that!


Special Ending?

Ok, so you know how I had said there would be a boss battle at the end of hard mode for the special ending? After some time of contemplation, I have decided to make this ending accessible from both modes. Though hard mode allows it from simply beating the normal ending, you are actually allowed to access this special ending in normal mode by finding two hidden and very difficult to find secrets allowing you into this battle. For the time being, I am going to keep these secrets from the public, but in time I may reveal these to the public (in a very secretive form). Make sure to keep tuned, as I am nearing completion of this at a rapid pace!