Where’s 8-bit Adventure?

It’s been nearly 5 months since the announcement of this update. Yes, that’s a snail’s pace for a mapmaker, but as long as I can finish this map with as good of quality I can, I have no regret about waiting this long. Now you guys didn’t read this blog post to listen to me drone on; you came to find out where 8-bit adventure is at right now. So a week or two ago, I had finished testing the map. While I had been waiting for test results, I made a trailer for the map. Rewatching that trailer made me realize something in it was not in the map. This being said, I decided to add one last thing to the map to really pack in some closure. After building most of what I needed, the redstone has begun to get more difficult. I needed to get some help for it. That’s why the map hasn’t come out yet, since the person helping me has not been available. Now you may be wondering how to get this extra stuff in the map. Well, stay tuned for my Youtube special on 8-bit adventure! Something may show up as a hint for you all! Until then, see you guys with the next blog update!


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