8-bit Adventure Released!

It has come to that moment where I finally release 8-bit Adventure! I honestly don’t have too much to say, as I have spent the last few hours putting everything I need to say on the forum thread! I guess I can mention that new changes include more story, additional gameplay, 2 new endings, 2 difficulties within one save, etc. I really hope you guys enjoy this final update (I plan that anything else after this will be bug fixes) and I hope you guys stick around for the next map I release! I’m not going to drone on much longer, to save your eyes from too much reading, and I’ll put the map thread right here:¬†http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1702790-800-downloads14w21b-adv-puz-ctm-1-4-player-8-bit-adventure/

I also will add the trailer to the 8-bit Adventure blog page soon, so keep an eye out for that!


Almost Out!

It is nearly time, everyone! 8-bit Adventure has been finished! I cannot release it quite yet, but if you guys can wait a few more days (up to a week maximum as of this post) then I can get the remainder of my testers to play the map for bugs! Since it had went through a testing phase before this point of development, there shoudn’t be too many more bugs to squish. That being said, I cannot wait for you guys to see all of the new things put into the map! To hold you guys off a bit longer, I’m going to go out on a limb and show you guys the new banner for 8-bit Adventure with this post! Enjoy, and be sure to check back in the coming days for more updates!8-bit adventure banner