About me

I’m pretty much an average student, first off. I have plenty of things to deal with, and making these custom maps can cause quite the distraction. I have a team of three, for the most part. I create the custom maps. My friend, killerpenguin chips in on some maps (mainly living darkness until my laptop stopped connecting to the internet). My other friend, dashX360, is my guinea pig who tests the maps and gives advice and feedback. It’s a pretty straightforward group that isn’t that hard to manage, but I am mainly a one man group for the most part (not to discredit the other two :p). I also have tried to get into youtube a little bit. So far, I only have one video from a friend’s perspective (Cobaltcamaro) that is viral, but if all works out, I should start having more videos up around january. That about sums it all up. I hope you all enjoy my custom maps, and make sure to try to show your support by replying to the map threads, or even follow me on twitter (@linkruler)!


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