Claustrophobia: a gut-wrenching spelunker

This map, Claustrophobia, is yet another adventure map. This map starts you at bedrock level in a tunneler’s dream superflat map. You start in a white room with no memories intact. Your only thought is to escape the life of a new role you play as a test subject for reasons that will be discovered further into the testing. Obviously, this map starts out as an escape, but with the right decisions, the story may change to a different action. I can’t give anymore details that will give away the story, but please be patient as I get the map ready for its first release. I currently don’t have a release yet, but I am not working on this until I finish updating the current two maps. Claustrophobia’s release is currently unplanned and has been left alone for some time. due to working on Living Darkness, it may be pushed back for some time, or even cancelled. If you guys still show interest in the map, though, I may still try to work on it eventually. The link to the minecraft forums is here if you would like to participate in the polls or just to show some support. Here are some screenshots of the first room:

This is what you first see when you open the map.
Though that may look like the sky, the blue is the abyss one block below.
This is the first element of communication you are given that is conveniently placed directly behind your spawn. 

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