Living Darkness (a challenging map)

This map is called Living Darkness (hence, the name of the page). It is my secondmost map, and the first one my friend is helping with. It made it’s first release about a week or so after 8-bit’s, and was first started in late December of 2012. It was started later, so there isn’t as much stuff in it as 8-bit, but more will come out in future updates. First things you should know is that it is part CoD, Dead Space, and of course, Minecraft. The map is a mix of survival, rpg, puzzle, and adventure. This map is taking place in a world ravaged by zombies. You start in a village surrounded by bedrock. It is in near ruins with zombies in every square inch. It is your job to escape the village to be able to locate where the zombies are coming from. This is suited for multiple players, as it gets very difficult. More updates are planned to add more levels, so stay tuned. The link is right here: Download Here. If you want to go to the minecraft forum post, go here.

UPDATE: Well, after lots of heavy debate, I have decided to drop the reboot for this map. I feel that in my brainstorming sessions I was taking too many unoriginal ideas and putting them all together to get one jumbled mess. Even the simple concept of a zombie apocalypse map is quite overused, ad hard to add an original plotline to it. Sorry those of you who were interested in the map, but I ensure you that Claustrophobia will make up for this!

A section of the ruined village

The only source of light in the entire village


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