Ok, so as the title implies, I wanted to confirm that I basically am taking a break right now. I have been finding it much easier to just pick up my headset and record instead of working on my maps. At this point, i’m not even sure when i will pick back up, but for the time being why not support my channel while I wait? I plan to start releasing some indev map sneak peeks soon when i reach 30 subs, so make sure to check out my channel for those! Also, i am starting to play some minecraft custom maps with my friend, because I think maybe playing other’s maps will influence me to add some things into mine.


Now on youtube!

Hello viewers! Today (or yesterday, perhaps) I just released my first youtube video to the channel! Now that I have gotten a computer upgrade, I wanted to try and record some minecraft and other things such as indie games on my channel! Since this is the case, I wanted to add a link to my youtube onto the blog for easy reference. I might even post some sneak peeks of development of my maps! So make sure to check out the youtube page on this blog and check out my first video!

Merry Christmas!

Merry christmas everybody! I have had a great year with this mapmaking, and I plan on continuing it forward. Yes, that’s right, I have a new computer, so I can still work on the maps, so i am going to work on 8-bit adventure full-force as much as possible and we’ll see how soon that comes. I will try to make the best of my resources, which means that I will try to add more mechanics, make more interesting items with the resource pack, and i can even use some sounds and note blocks (my previous computer would not play sound)! So make sure to check back on the blog soon to see when the update will release, and when i will continue on Living Darkness (maybe transitioning between LD and Claustrophobia?).

More additions!

More additions to 8-bit Adventure, as the title implies. Additions include more content in the legend of zelda level, including two more rooms, a mini boss, and the white sword (a renamed iron sword) that was in the chest is now replaced with the red mail! For the end of the normal ending, there will be two towers, one for the normal difficulty, and the other for the hard difficulty. More coming soon!

More difficulty, bosses, and differences between modes!

So far, the two difficulties on one save has been working out pretty well. So well, in fact, that I am deciding to make them a little different from each other. Most of the events are going to happen the same in both difficulties, but once you get past a certain spot, things start to change a little bit. Not too many events are going to be different, but there will be an extra boss fight and some more interesting things in hard mode. I’m not sure how much longer I need to take to implement the rest of the update, but so I don’t rush myself with deadlines I will not spill a release quite yet. I do know it will be done in the near future, so please be patient.

Two difficulties, one save!

Hello again, and sorry I have not been posting much about how my custom map progress is going. Currently I am still working on 8-bit adventure’s update. To update mechanics, I have been using some 1.7 commands to change the text color’s dialogue. As well as adding on to the story, I hope this text recoloring will make the text come alive more so you will be able to vibrantly feel the enemy you are up against becoming stronger. But not just that, with the 1.7 summon command, I am changing the boss in level three to be able to make it so you dont break the map by starting the game in peaceful. Not has the boss just been fixed, it is also changed from one pigman to a horde of five (missing MOST of the buffs 😉 ) to amp up the difficulty. It isn’t a boss if you don’t have a hard time with it (but not TOO much). The main reason I am posting this blog update is to notify you that I will be trying to make both difficulties playable in one save instead of having to load up the save you want to play. First off you might be wondering why there are only two difficulties, and it’s because I am removing easy (why is it really needed?) since It means one less difficulty to test, and normal seems pretty standard anyways, right?This two-in-one save could be difficult to pull off and might slow down how soon this releases, but it is also easier for me, since I don’t have to update three individual saves now but just modify one. I am going to make sure this update is the best it can be, and I will be getting some of my friends to do some testing on it. Hopefully I will have a much more enjoyable, and less buggy, byproduct from this update. It should be up soon, so be sure to check back in the next few days!

Updates coming soon!

So as of recently, I have decided to issue an update for 8-bit adventure to fix bugs and make the game better by adding more story, and some music to the retro stages. Don’t want to get into too much depth, so come back during the week to see when I release the update.

Game-changing update!

So I have been talking to my friend to plan more details for living darkness, and it seems that we plan to ditch the temple of the zombies idea. Instead, the town that you start in is going to be a town that houses a mission control. You need to destroy all four bases in the town so you can get access to the rocket to make it to the moon. Once there, you need to stop all of the zombies from launching a laser that will destroy the earth.

Extra weapon stats

Ok, so in living darkness, i have been working with items in NBT edit so i can make very special weapons that will give certain status effects (including max health gain, speed, and knockback resistance). These may prove very useful and will give a hint of strategy to the game so you can choose how you play. You can choose to be really defensive, really offensive, or very dodgy. To start, I will give three classes that will give you either of those.

Putting the darkness in living darkness

So I have decided to inform you all on how living darkness is to stay dark. Since it is not being encased in bedrock anymore, I have decided time will be frozen at midnight. Now I’m not sure about this, but I may input some sort of alpha version or something for those who want to play this on halloween. Stay tuned to find out my decision.