Planned update! (a major one at that)

With the release of 1.5, I am now on the ropes of unveiling my new update for the map, 8-bit. This is the biggest update I’m going to apply to my map since its release. It will have a hidden wither boss, a bonus level, getting rid of those stairs in the first level that ruins the appearance of the level, and an extra mode that takes away checkpoints and gives less supplies for the ender dragon and wither. I don’t have a set date, as the bonus level is going to be very big, but it should hopefully be out within the end of the month or early April. Since I am being tested in school, my progress is being slowed, but only a little, so I will be keeping steady progress throughout the weeks.


First Things First

Hey guys. As you probably know, this is the main page of this blog that will have updates and plans of what’s going on in my production of maps. An fyi is that I will mainly be using this blog for my minecraft custom maps. So if you don’t play minecraft or am not interested in my custom maps, this probably isn’t going to be your favorite blog. Make sure to check out each page for more depth on each  of my maps.