So here’s a basic summary of my youtube channel:

What do I do? :
On this channel, I plan to have some minecraft server minigames, and maybe some custom map LPs. Not just this, but I also plan to show some sneak peeks on my development of my maps (maybe an in the making video sometime?). I will not just do minecraft, but I will also LP some indie games that you guys will vote on sometime in the future! Because of my name, you can probably tell I’m a fan of the legend of zelda franchise. Because of this, I may even do some playthroughs of some of the various games.

How often do you post videos? :
As much as I would hope to do daily videos, it just isn’t practical in my current situation. Inbetween school and mapmaking, I hope to be able to try to do every other day or every third day. Most of the time, videos will be up in the late afternoon, except for on the weekends which will then have videos posted around midday. Of course more likely than not, I may even get to post some even more often during extra breaks!

Where can I go to watch these videos? :
You will be able to visit my channel from this link right here.

Also, here is an intro for my channel here:


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